Associated Design Consultants feels honored to be involved in church design. After having worked with many denominations, we have found how important congregational input is in evaluating our design approach. We take the time to listen to their concerns and work with design committees within the church on both new buildings and renovation projects. This process ensures a facility that will inspire new and returning members.

Associated Design Consultants provides professional services in areas that include:


  • Determine church requirements and translate those needs into a comprehensive design.
  • Include as a basis for determination:
    • Survey of clergy and congregation requirements
    • Nursery and classroom information
    • Office and administration requirements
    • Inventory of existing furniture and equipment
    • Standards for new or improved space and furnishings
    • Projections and scheduling for possible future growth or refurbishing
    • Work with Music Director to coordinate choir seating, instrument locations and sound system.
    • Review baptistery function and logistics.


  • Determine lighting requirements for the facility with consideration for energy efficiency.
  • Develop control system for light levels and mood changes for the different functions of the facility.
  • Select lighting fixtures with consideration for their liturgical significance.


  • Review acoustic condition of the space to determine performance requirements for the location of piano and organ or other instruments in conjunction with the choir and congregational singing.
  • Recommend audio system and ensure visual compatibility of its integration into the interior design.
  • Select acoustic materials, if required, to be compatible with the overall interior design concept.


  • Interpret church requirements as related to furnishings and finishes that define scope of project.
  • Utilize the psychological, functional, aesthetic, and liturgical characteristics of colors for the project.
  • Select construction and finish materials for their compatibility with the total interior design concept developed for the church.
  • Materials are selected for their quality and longevity with an awareness of cost and maintenance factors as well as liturgical appropriateness.
  • Develop a maintenance schedule and procedural instructions for carpet, wallcovering, upholstery, etc.
  • Provide instructions necessary to ensure proper installation.


  • Analyze and develop a food service facility with complete production of all mechanical and electrical information including specification and fabrication drawings.


  • Produce architectural detailing, rendering, and specialized services necessary for the execution of plans and individual items to be constructed or commercially produced.