When planning a new residence or remodeling an existing one, the earlier design services are retained the more cost effective the process will be. Residential design is a personal experience and should reflect and enhance your lifestyle.

Associated Design interacts with owners on a personal basis to make sure all their wishes and concerns are addressed. We offer a wide selection of materials and design custom furniture to create just the look you are after.


Home Office, Vancouver Washington

Historic Home Renovation, Lake Oswego Oregon

Kitchen Remodel, Portland Oregon

Condominium Remodel, Salem Oregon



Associated Design Consultants provides professional services in areas that include:


  • Determine client requirements and translate those needs into room organization and furniture layouts.
  • Develop suitable room arrangements and traffic flow for flexibility of furnishing layout.
  • Include as a basis for determination:
    • Overall desired "feel" of home
    • Living style of owners
    • Inventory of any existing furniture
    • Develop activity zoning, entertainment centers, focal elements such as fireplaces, televisions, pianos etc..
    • Determine storage needs and customized closet spaces.
    • Special requirements for entertaining, hobbies, etc.
    • Special requirements to display art work or other collections


  • Establish a project budget for approval.
  • Collaborate with owner, architect, contractors, and others who may be involved to control project expenditures.


  • Analyze budget and management requirements.
  • Interpret owner's requirements as related to furnishings and accessories.
  • Develop furniture and finish package for bid or negotiation.
  • Supervise ordering and installation of new furniture.
  • Supervise selection and installation of artwork and accessories.
  • Develop cabinetry deign details such home entertainment center. in-home computer cabinetry, etc.
  • Select equipment best suited to the client and incorporate the package into a home multi-media center.
  • Design appropriate acoustics and lighting.
  • Integrate the design with the latest technology.
  • Provide instructions necessary to ensure proper installation and maintenance.
  • Prepare specification documents to ensure proper installation and maintenance.


  • Select construction and finish materials for their compatibility with the total concept developed for the project.
  • Utilize the psychological, functional, aesthetic, and maintenance characteristics of color and pattern in the home environment
  • Analyze the marketable, aesthetic and psychological characteristics of color and materials in interior spaces.
  • Prepare finish schedule with application and maintenance information.


  • Develop complete cabinet detailing with the latest kitchen innovations.
  • Analyze and develop the kitchen plans with complete production of all mechanical and electrical information including specification and fabrication drawings
  • Create a dramatic package of sophisticated materials with minimum maintenance characteristics.
  • Develop the bath room layouts and recommend such equipment as saunas, steam showers, Jacuzzi tubs, etc.


  • Develop lighting plan and specifications for interior and exterior lighting.
  • Develop a lighting plan to coincide with furniture arrangements and artwork placement.
  • Create a dramatic presentation of the space with creative use of fixtures and sophisticated lighting control.
  • Develop an energy-efficient lighting package.
  • Recommend and locate controls and dimming systems for lighting.


  • Analyze needs and produce specifications necessary for the installation of any specialized items, such as a home security system, automated gates, and security lighting.


  • Produce architectural detailing, rendering, graphic design, and specialized services necessary for the execution of plans and individual items to be constructed or commercially produced.
  • Produce interior rendering and graphic presentation suitable for sales and marketing.


  • Develop a timetable for installation of the furnishings to coincide with the construction schedule and the developer's marketing of the property.
  • If required, provide personnel to oversee the procurement, construction, transfer, and installation of items required to complete a project in accordance with plans and specifications.
  • Provide personnel to oversee the procurement, construction, transfer, and installation of items required to complete a project in accordance with plans and specifications